There is no aboriginal bird rights in 2k18

KD's apparently gonna leave every time in MyLeague/GM next year. TL;DR: Aback Aboriginal Bird rights aren't in the game, the Warriors will not be able to action KD a max arrangement if he becomes a chargeless abettor afresh next year.

I just noticed this if arena with adapted rosters.

Pretty much, we all apperceive KD is demography a massive paycut. He'll be on the aggregation for 2 years, so that gives him aboriginal bird rights, aka the aggregation can assurance him for buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins up to 175% of his antecedent contract.

In absolute life, he's either gonna accumulate demography a pay cut or assurance a abundant bigger accord if he declines his amateur option.

He can assurance a max because of his aboriginal bird rights, so that agency that the Warriors can appealing abundant accumulate him no bulk what (unless he wants to leave of course).

In 2k, there's no aboriginal bird rights, just abounding or none. It wasn't mentioned in the 2k18 new appearance for MyLeague/GM. So that agency that KD will abatement his amateur option, and appeal a max.

Problem is, Warriors can alone action him 125% of his arrangement (non-bird, aback aboriginal bird isn't in 2k).

So what this agency is that the Warriors financially will not be able to allow to accompany KD aback unless he's programmed to yield a paycut or something.

Early bird rights will be in the game, they added the absolute new cba. additional he's on a two year arrangement sonthst gives him 3 absolute years with the warriors which is abounding bird.

The 2nd year is a amateur advantage which he should abatement in-game. I achievement Aboriginal bird rights are in, but they weren't mentioned accurately as anyone abroad said.

Early bird rights weren't mentioned specifically, so it's not accepted that they're in.

Durant's arrangement is one year with a amateur advantage for the second, so it's acceptable he declines the advantage afterwards his additional year on the Warriors.

You're both apparently right. Wasn't mentioned in, the blog, but because they did say they're putting in the absolute CBA, they apparently weren't traveling to account every little thing. I'd be abashed if aboriginal bird wasn't in the game.


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