To rep up faster in NBA 2K

To rep up faster. I do the bifold moves to about-face layup rep up NBA 2K18 MT method, and aces and cycle success is a allotment of this but I don't cull it off regularly.

I usually set it up at the appropriate wing, but my apostle rarely gets ashore on the screener. Any tips?

I acquisition starting your distill move afore the screener gets there is alive best for me. And afresh if do I accomplish my move arise the basket?

You charge to apprehend the way the play is gonna go. Basically there's three things the CPU does; they try to go over the screen, they play sides, or they both breach beneath and it goes abundant but you afresh accept to accomplish a breach additional accommodation to oop or go for it.

1) If they go over the awning they'll arise army you while you're aggravating to go and it'll cartilage the play. For this you charge to alpha affective afore the screener gets set usually--start your distill while they are still walking over afresh take off so that they will be set in fact if your dude hits them. (Once you get some convenance there are added agency to accede to this, but it takes time to admit them)

2) If they play abandon they will both arise up and bend to anniversary ancillary of the screen. For this, tap L1 and accept the screener cycle and bung it for an simple assist; you can oop this eventually but it's risky.

3) If they both breach back, you just yield your time and distill in as usual. The affair that will cue whether it's an oop or a layup is if the screener's apostle is searching at you or searching at him as he rolls. If he picks up on you it's an oop.

Get a bigger screener and consistently alarm the aces by the center.

I consistently do it woth the centermost although sometimes, it's the PF that comes up. All my centers accept brick wall.


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