Your idea makes NBA Live from a gaming perspective

Can his vertical be raised to atleast 80 and he needs the ankle breaker or space creator sig and the NBA Live Coins ability to dunk on a fast break. Im watching the game right now and he still has it dont look like he's lost a step just been on garbage teams including the Bobcats.

If a player can dunk uncontested on the break then they can also dunk in other situations. We do not need MORE non-dunkers like Brandon Jennings, Mario Chalmers, Rajon Rondo, etc throwing it down in unrealistic scenarios.

You still dont get what im saying its cool I know your type you disagree just to disagree. If you could actually grasp what im trying to say you would get that Rondo, Jennings, and Chalmers would fall into the category of players im talking about.

Rashidi stop commenting because you dont want to try to understand what im talking about. What is a non dunker to you? Make some since you said rondo is non dunker the same guy that ive seen come down on a one on non fast break and do a windmill. Stop being a clown because you get dunked on by small guys in NBA Live.

2k needs to change there dunk criteria, and new dunk animations could be added. If this is a sim game meaning realistic then guys that can dunk in real life need to be able to dunk. There are two reasons why they dont, one they dont want to, and two they havent gotten the chance like Ben Gordon and when he did he blew it.

I think rim grazzers and getting hung are animations that should be added for players that can only dunk when there is a clear path and i should be able to choose.

Please enlighten us as to how this has a deep and meaningful impact on gameplay and why 2K should bother wasting time on this rather than fixing a multitude of higher priority issues or adding meaningful features.

The fact is your idea makes NBA Live from a gaming perspective. What are the pros and cons? Good defense rewarded with... a blown breakaway shot? Gee, that makes for fun and balanced gameplay.


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